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1.2 million stimulus checks went out this week totaling $857 million, is one yours?

Many states are creating their own stimulus check program for residents and starting Oct. 29, millions of payments are going out.

As part of the Golden State Stimulus II program, $867 million will be disbursed to California residents this week.

750,000 paper checks will be mailed on Nov. 1.

The first Golden State Stimulus program targeted families making under $30,000, but the program has since been expanded to cover anyone in California making $75,000 or less.

Anyone that got a check in the first round of Golden State Stimulus checks will not get a check in this round, unless they have dependents.

In order to get one, you must have filed your taxes with the IRS by Oct. 15.

Parents with a social security number who got checks during the first round will get $500.

Undocumented parents with a ITIN number will get $1,000 because they were left out of the federal stimulus packages.

This round, adults making between 30,000 and $75,000 with no children will get $600. Those making that amount with children will get $1,100.

Deposits will appear by direct deposit within a few business days. Paper checks could take up to three weeks. Payments will not go out until your tax return is processed.

If your tax return was filed after Sept. 1, it may take 45 days after the return is processed to receive the check.

The schedule was created in order to protect the state against fraud and allow enough time to be sure all payments are valid.

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