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Congress is feeling the pressure to send $1,400 stimulus checks again, will you get one?

Groups are still calling on Congress to give some of the most vulnerable people stimulus checks in the United States.

A group called the Senior Citizens League that advocates for seniors wrote to Congress proposing the one-time check.

Thousands of seniors have struggled with inflation and supply issues, telling the Senior Citizens League that they have exhausted their savings accounts, eat less food in order to ration daily, and take half doses of their pills because they can’t afford prescription drug costs.

Many seniors feel that the government has simply forgotten about them.

Though a stimulus check would not solve the issue, it would help immensely with the COLA increase for seniors that are currently struggling.

An online survey shows that 43% of responding seniors have no retirement savings. Those that still do have spent most of it and have been unable to build it back up.

The increase could also have an impact on taxable benefits, giving them enough money to cause them to lose other benefits like food stamps, rental assistance, or Medicare.

In response, advocacy groups are pushing for one last stimulus just for that population.

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