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These people will get another $1,100 stimulus check before 2022

4.5 million more Americans will be getting a $1,100 check before the end of the year.

9 million payments are expected to go out under the Golden State Stimulus II to California residents.

So far half have been issued, about 4.5 million, both by deposit and mail.

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A fourth batch went out on Oct. 15 and was worth about $890 million dollars.

The payments will continue to be sent every two weeks until all eligible people have received them.

Anyone earning less than $75,000 in the state of California can expect checks between $600 and $1,100.

Anyone that was eligible for the first program could see an extra $500.

To qualify, your 2020 taxes must be filed by Oct. 15, have a California Adjusted Gross Income of less than $75,000 for 2020, have wages under $75,000 for over half of 2020 and be a California resident.

However you chose to get your refund is how you’ll get your check.

Paper checks are sent depending on the last three digits of your zip code.

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