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Four things to know about stimulus checks and 2022

Stimulus checks were distributed as part of President Joe Biden’s plan to help Americans struggling financially. It was also a way to boost the struggling economy by putting money back into it.

Many wonder if there will be more checks, if things like economic relief could become permanent, or if they’ll get the money they’re missing.

There are a few things to know.

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Things to know about stimulus checks as we head into 2022

Some people never got the $1,400 and are still owed that money

The $1,400 was part of Biden’s American Rescue Act, and almost a year later many Americans still haven’t received their check.

Most did and others are owed, like anyone who had a newborn after tax season. Those parents will get the $1,400 they’re owed for their new child when they file their 2021 taxes in 2022.

Other states are offering stimulus packages

California has been taking great care of their residents with the Golden State Stimulus II.

Nine million payments are expected to go out, and 4.5 million are still owed up to $1,100 in payments.

The next round has not been announced but some anticipate there may be more in 2022.

Florida has also issued checks to teachers.

It’s not likely the federal government will send out another stimulus check anytime soon

States are opting to send their residents checks, but that doesn’t mean the United States are.

Right now many are hoping to issue checks to seniors as inflation continues to create greater hardships for them.

The president also doesn’t seem keen on sending more out because of how costly they are.

This is how stimulus checks could happen in the future if they ever needed to again

The issuance of stimulus checks, and child tax credits, were very popular among the American population. In order for it to regularly happen there needs to be some type of issue, like a recession.

This means in the future when there are economic downturns there’s likely to be more stimulus checks.

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