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People who use Bitcoin can use stimulus checks to cash out up to $11,000. Do you qualify?

A lot of people opted to use their stimulus checks when they got them as investments into Bitcoin.

If you got your check in April of 2020 worth $1,200 and invested it into Bitcoin, as of Tuesday it was worth $11,000.

There has been a massive increase in cryptocurrency since 2020 and Bitcoin alone has seen an increase of 800%.

All three stimulus checks together were worth $3,200 and if someone invested all of them, they would be worth $13,000 now.

When checks were first disbursed Bitcoin was worth $6,000-$7,000.

In December of 2020 when $600 checks went out, Bitcoin was worth $28,984.

The third stimulus check came out when Bitcoin was worth $57,684.

Selling your shares now will likely bring you a much bigger return than what the original checks were worth.

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