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CANDIDATE Q&A: Kaitlyn Laskoski, candidate for Seneca Falls Town Council

This year we’re giving candidates seeking office in the Finger Lakes the opportunity to let their voices be heard in a special Q&A feature. If you’re a candidate and would like to participate by completing a short Q&A session – click here. Your answers (which can be as long as necessary) will be published directly on

Kaitlyn Laskoski is running for Seneca Falls Town Council. Her answers to our questions appear unedited below.

What prompted you to consider a run for office?

“I chose to run to bring much needed change to our community. Somewhere along the way, our community was divided by privilege. There are those that would not feel the financial sting of raising taxes and there are the hard working class families and those on a fixed income. There are those that are not concerned when it rains, and there are those that are scared of having raw sewage in their basement when it does. I am the latter. I have felt the financial sting of increased taxes, I have helped friends clean their basements following the flooding. Most recently with the last flood on 10/26 I accompanied our local Fire Department to see first hand the issues with the infrastructure. It was devastating, particularly those that were just recovering from the last flood in August. I have dedicated myself in advocating for us-the hardworking families, and also those on a fixed income. Subsequently, I felt the need to run for office to work on uniting our community, resolving these differences, and commit to a brighter future for our community.”

What are the three most important issues in your race?

“Crumbling infrastructure, attracting new businesses while also supporting local businesses as well, and LOWERING TAXES.”

What roadblocks stand in the way of addressing them? How will you be able to create change?

“Currently, there are board members unwilling to bend on considering the global picture of the community at large and how they would be affected financially and emotionally with their strong arm tactics on those that challenge them. As one would surmise, any tax increase is a burden, no matter how small the amount may be. The community has been affected by COVID and increasing expenses. Gas prices have increased, cost of groceries has risen, our heating/fuel is expecting to increase this winter. The list goes on. The general public does not need to be burdened with a divided board and majority voting to increase taxes while ignoring important factors like our crumbling infrastructure. The recent flooding was an example of immediate needs of our community. Families need help now. My goal is to work in unison, make unbiased decisions while considering the ramifications of each proposal and how that would affect us. I stand with those on a fixed income and the working class families. We need advocacy on all fronts so they feel heard, and not misrepresented by biased decision making based off of privilege. Our town should be welcoming new businesses, but faced with poor business practices like instilling a local law to close a law abiding business is concerning and does not paint an ideal “welcoming” sign for those considering opening a business locally. We need leaders that are relatable to the community at large.”

Holding local office is often a balancing act between keeping taxes low and maintaining services: How do you plan to achieve both?

“I would create a multiyear financial plan for our Town, while also negotiate a new host agreement with Seneca Meadows with specifics terms such as an independent odor detection system, plan to remove organics from the solid waste, trucks using 318 bypass instead of downtown Seneca Falls, guaranteed contribution paid on January 1st, not related to solid waste tonnage, installation of more gas wells, and increase the amount of monies received as related to the host agreement.”

If you were elected tomorrow and given the ability to permanently change one thing about your community: What would it be?

“The lack of trust with select Town leaders. It doesn’t help our community if there are ongoing inconsistencies and lack of trust for our leaders. As leaders-we need to be visible, we need to go out during critical events to see first hand what is happening and offer help and assistance when needed. It should be anticipated that as leaders we are there- not a request but common practice so our community can rest assured the issues will be addressed. I want to instill trust, and earn the respect of our community so I can best represent their wants and needs. I want to unite our community, not separate.”

As a follow-up: What is one thing your community does right that you’d like to reinforce if elected?

“I have seen first-hand how quickly our community can rally together in times of need. The recent flooding is an example of that. The drive to give back, and be a part of that is truly contagious. I love that about our Town, and those that support it.”

Looking at your community over the next 10-20 years: What do you see? Are the actions being taken now good for the long-term sustainability of it?

“I see a place where I raised my children and have a sound fiscal future because of the work we are doing now by lowering taxes. I see a stable infrastructure that isn’t flooding our homes, streets, and local businesses. I see businesses flocking and staying in the area that promotes jobs. I see a sound Town government that is actively a part of our community because that is now the norm. I see my children wanting to stay in the area and buy a house because of the affordability and attractiveness to the Town. A multiyear fiscal plan will pave the way towards success in our Town.”

Rural communities in the Finger Lakes and Upstate New York are getting older. This poses challenges on a number of fronts (whether it be related to services or attracting a younger population for that long-term sustainability). What would you like to see happen to make your community better for aging population, as well as a place for people in their 20s and 30s to call home?

“Affordable taxes, improved infrastructure, and a multi year financial plan! These will make purchasing a home more desirable in Seneca Falls. Also, working towards bringing more businesses to our local area. Not only would that bring more jobs, but also more opportunities for those wanting to return “home” to after attending a trade school, or even college. We want our hometown to remain such for generations by tapping back into the attractiveness of our local community. The political divide has significantly impacted our community and I don’t want that to be a lasting impression and deterrent.”

People want to see change. So, give us the elevator pitch: Why should voters choose you this November? What differentiates you from any other candidate for local office?

“As your Town Board candidate-I will work FOR YOU the people, I take the time to attend community events, participate in fundraising activities for important causes, open to collaboration with ALL businesses, and make sound decisions based off of real facts that can be substantiated, regardless of personal beliefs. I will not stand down to their personal attacks in their latest propaganda flyer, and neither should you. As your candidate for Town Board, I ask for your vote on November 2nd so we can get to work on lowering taxes, improving our infrastructure, and get back to a time where our town’s store fronts were filled and had industries providing good paying jobs attracted to Seneca Falls.”