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Renters still struggling are missing out on 18 months of paid rent

A rental assistance program was created by congress in December approving $25 billion for those struggling to pay rent. In March, $21.55 billion more was added.

As of September, only $10 billion has been disbursed. $2.8 billion was given out last month to 510,000 households.

In August, $2.3 billion was given to 459,000 households.

The Treasury noted that the plan is to make over 3 million payments by the end of 2021.

People who are eligible should begin applying as soon as possible if they haven’t already in order to avoid eviction which began in some places in August.

Though the eviction ban ended, data shows there has not been a major increase in evictions.

Qualifications for rental assistance include:

  • Experiencing financial hardship due to the pandemic, resulting in falling behind on rent
  • Meeting local income requirements which depend on your state
  • Household income cannot exceed 80% of the median income in the local area
  • In some places like New York, you must be collecting unemployment benefits or your income dropped
  • You should show there is a risk of becoming homeless without the assistance

The amount you can get depends on various factors like location and circumstances.

The federal government will give rent money to cover starting March 13, 2020 and all of it needs to go to back rent before it can go to future rent.

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People should also look into local programs that help with utilities, electric, internet and garbage services.

States are receiving the funding on behalf of renters depending on their sizes and to apply, contact your local emergency rental assistance program.

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