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African lions at a Utah zoo test positive for COVID-19

African lions at a zoo have tested positive for COVID-19 this week.

Five lions reside at the Hogle Zoo in Utah, and four have contracted COVID-19.

The lions were seen sneezing and coughing, so COVID-19 swabs were given to test them for the virus. After being tested by the National Veterinary Services Laboratory, they were found to be positive.

The fifth lion was uncooperative for the nasal swab but appears to be showing COVID symptoms as well.

Symptoms are mild and the staff have no idea how the lions came into contact with COVID.

Visitors in the zoo are asked to wear masks, and a safety protocol with PPE is used when caring for the animals.

In total there have been 236 cases of COVID-19 in animals across the United States, as well as 7 other lions.