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Europe creates Operation Sentinel; agencies across the Union target crime related to pandemic funds

The European Union is looking to work together and crack down on any and all fraud that takes place from the COVID-19 pandemic recovery fund. The fund is worth billions.

Criminals and fraudsters have always been savvy and adaptable. The pandemic gives them a whole new world of opportunity when committing fraud for financial gain.

Multiple agencies are banning together for Operation Sentinel, a year long operation that targets organized crime committing fraud, tax evasion, excise fraud, corruption, embezzlement, misappropriation and money laundering.

Some crimes that agencies feel may happen include the production of fake COVID tests and hacking more computers with people working from home.

The agencies will also have the opportunity to exchange intelligence and information.

Agencies involved include the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, EU judicial cooperation agency Eurojust, the European Anti-Fraud Office and numerous member states.

Funding is just beginning to be used to help the economy, so Operation Sentinel is trying to get ahead of the crime.

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