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When is the next child tax credit check?

October’s child tax credit check hit people’s bank accounts Oct. 15.

How many child tax credit checks are left and when are they coming?

There are only two more checks for the remaining two months of the year.

If anyone was still waiting on past checks, their check today may have been a bit bigger.

There were a lot of issues happening when the checks first started being sent out. Some did not get checks at all, others got the wrong amount, and other checks came based on old information provided to the IRS.

The option to update information should have been available via the Update Portal, but with over half the checks already sent, it’s still not available for use.

The first check was sent July 15, followed by Aug. 13, Sept. 15, and now Oct. 15.

The final 2021 checks are set for Nov. 15 and Dec. 15.

In April of 2022 the second half of the child tax credits will be sent.

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