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What are bus drivers paid?

School bus drivers are still in high demand for many districts across the state, and some say the pay is the issue.

Monroe School Transportation is one of the bigger companies in the Rochester area that drivers work out of for local districts.

Starting pay is $20.20 for buses and $17.50 for minivans. A sign-on bonus of $3,000 is available and drivers with tenure make almost $29 an hour.

Pittsford school bus drivers are making $21 an hour for one year of experience and drivers with at least 15 years of experience are making $26.60 an hour. For each year of experience the pay rate increases up to the 15 year mark.

Victor bus drivers start at $16.14 per hour and get benefits.

Geneseo pays their drivers by the number of bus runs and experience. For up to two years of experience drivers make $34.62 per run.

First Student, a company that provides drivers to local districts, pays news drivers $20 per hour and experienced drivers make up to $23.57 per hour. Experienced drivers can get a $3,000 sign-on bonus while new drivers can get a $1,500 sign-on bonus.

Greece pays starting drivers $22 per hour and also pays drivers in training $15.75 an hour.