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President Joe Biden enforces strict mandates as almost 80 million Americans still refuse the vaccine

President Joe Biden has enforced mandates to help bolster the success of the vaccine as the population deals with the spread of the Delta Variant.

These new mandates could impact 100 million Americans, more than half of the workforce in the country.

Biden said they have been patient but the patience is now wearing thin, and that Americans refusing the vaccines have cost everyone.

Americans who said they wouldn’t get the vaccine because it’s not FDA approved haven’t changed their minds despite the Pfizer vaccine being recently approved.

The newest mandate is that businesses employing 100 or more workers must require their employees get vaccinated, or face stiff fines for every worker that refuses.

He also enforced all government employees to get the vaccine with no option to test or opt out.

Other mandates include:

  • Any contractors doing business with the federal government must be vaccinated
  • 300,000 educators that work in the federal Head Start programs must be vaccinated, and governors are asked to do the same at the state level
  • 17 million healthcare workers who receive funds from Medicaid and Medicare must be vaccinated
  • Doubling fines for passengers refusing to wear masks

Failure to comply could result in up to $14,000 fines per violation for businesses.

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