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Law Talk: The Divorce Process

Imagine those scenes in movies and television series where the wife separates from the husband. Such scenarios end up in tears and a lot of other consequences. But the reality of things is that those moments do not only stay in La-la Land studios somewhere. They actually happen in the real world, and the effects they leave are a lot more devastating than what they show in the movies. Let’s talk about divorce and how it works.

What Is A Divorce?

A divorce is a legal process where a spouse decides to punctually separate from their partner. What happens is that both individuals sign and fill up necessary documentation and go through a process. The result is that both the people become single again, allowing for a fresh marriage in the future.

When Considering Divorce

You have to keep in mind the following factors when you are planning a divorce. Check them out below.

Not Considering Divorce

  • Your upcoming kids will not have to split time with you and your spouse.

This aspect means that the kids’ time and attention will not focus on one parent alone.

  • Your income will keep on flowing.

You don’t have to worry about finances once you don’t consider having a divorce. With your combined effort, you and your spouse will provide for the family without a hitch.

  • There is no need to start over with things.

Starting over is quite troublesome. So why go through the trouble of it at all? Once you do not consider divorce, it will be a lot more convenient for you and your partner.

Considering Divorce

  • You can end an abusive relationship.

A divorce means you can finally end an abusive relationship with your spouse. It does not matter if the abuse is physical or mental. What matters is that it is over, and you can start fresh.

  • You can date new individuals.

You can go on with a divorce if you feel like your love life with your spouse has died. Doing so will allow you to start with a new and healthy relationship with someone new.

  • You can reconnect with your kids.

A divorce involves a lot of arguments and toxic conversations with your spouse. That usually involves your kids. According to child custody attorneys, in situations where parents cannot cooperate due to severe marital conflict, establishing a peaceful co-parental relationship will be difficult, and it can have a negative impact on the child’s wellbeing. In cases like this, getting a divorce and full custody of your children might be the best option. So once you consider getting a divorce, it may be beneficial for your kids. You can start things fresh with them, especially if they have been caught in the crossfire.

  • Focus on other things

After a divorce, you are free to do other things. This concept means you can get back to stuff you’ve wanted to do a long time ago. You can start once again with that novel you’ve been writing for some time. Or perhaps you can start traveling the world. It’s up to you.

The Divorce Process

Here is a quick rundown of how the divorce process works.

  • The first step is to file for a petition.

A spouse must first request for a marriage termination in the form of a petition. However, they must first consider several factors, including what state they are located in, grounds for divorce, and so on.

  • The next step is to ask for orders.

You may opt to request a temporary order from the court. Doing so will allow you to manage child custody, child support, and spousal support.

  • Giving the spouse the documentation

The spouse or respondent may or may not accept the documentation regarding the divorce. They may dispute or contest the divorce.

  • The fourth step is to request a settlement

In this part, both parties must come to an agreement or decision. Both parties and their respective lawyers will discuss terms in court.

  • The Trial

There are instances where negotiations don’t always work out, no matter the effort and discussions. It results in you requesting assistance from the court. This aspect is where a trial ensures. You and your spouse will relinquish everything and leave things to a judge.

  • The final verdict

The last part of a divorce process is a judge’s document signing. The action finally ends the marriage. Plus, it will showcase what will happen next for both parties. A judge will determine who will claim financial assets, child custody, child and spousal support, and other related issues.

If You Have Plans

You can start with a divorce anytime. But if you want things to go smoothly, you can always contact a legal specialist. You can find a local law firm or a private practice that can lend you a hand. Or if you don’t want to travel or commute, there is always an alternative. You can head online to find a divorce attorney in Houston texas.

As A Conclusion

You must first consider a lot of things before you file for a divorce. You have to think about what will happen to you and your children after such an endeavor. And if you have a dead-set on filing for one, you can have a divorce attorney to lend you some help.

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