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Cayuga County beach shut down after algae bloom spotted

The Cayuga County Health Department says the Owasco Yacht Club bathing beach is closed.

The department monitors the water quality at public beaches routinely and closes swimming areas when a potential hazard is identified.

The public is encouraged to check with local beach operators before heading there- as the number of HABs sightings continue to increase.

HABs tend to occur in lakes on warm days when the water is calm. Bodies of water that are discolored with a paint-like or filmy appearance or floating scum should always be avoided, as they are potentially harmful.

Since HABs are quite prevalent on bodies of water during the warmer weather, the Health Department will not be issuing a press release on each occasion that HABs are present on bathing beaches. They do ask the public to be alert and report harmful algal blooms to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation at [email protected] . For more information regarding HABs please visit: