New study explores the reality of parenting and lack of energy

A recent study shows that parents on average are losing up to 4,000 hours over their lifetime to brain fog.

Most parents blame it on their lack of sleep and it results in forgetting to hydrate, missing meals and forgetting birthdays.

Parents admit to their children’s activity schedule as their way of keeping track of the days.

Working parents say they get the Monday Blues and it just feels incredibly long, and often use lunch time between 12:30 p.m. and 1:40 p.m. as their time for themselves. They also say that it usually takes about three days for fatigue to set in and by Wednesday it can be hard for some to remember details from the beginning of the week.

Parents admit to relying heavily on caffeine, but more than half say they feel that they will never feel like they have energy again.

A vast majority also agreed that if they had more energy they could more effectively balance working and parenting.

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