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How to embed video in email and boost your marketing

Are you even aware that the video thumbnail in an email can boost your subscriber engagement by approximately 41%?

Not just that, the click-through rates can be increased by 96% with a professionally edited video using the video editor in the email. 

Indeed, that’s huge!

So if you were not sure if you should consider the idea of video in email marketing, it’s better if you do. After all, an innovative approach to reach your viewers through email could skyrocket the engagement levels of your audience. 

Now that you know what to do, let’s understand how to do with the step-by-step guide of embedding a video in your email through an email marketing software.

Even though the majority of the platform does not support embedded videos; however, the two most common ways to embed video in your email are:

Still image redirecting to a video

The basic principle behind this option is that the user clicks on an image that is linked to the URL where the video is stored. The steps are:

  • Screenshot

The initial step is to take a screenshot of your video at the correct timing. The play button that appears automatically must appear on it. In case the play button doesn’t appear on the image, one could add the play button. You add different types of play buttons to your picture.

  • Insert

The second step is to insert that picture in the body of your email and link that particular URL that has stored the video to your picture. 

  • Link

Now you have linked the URL to the picture of the person who wishes to view your video. The person would just have to click the picture simply, and he would be directed to a respective place like Instagram handle, Facebook page, and YouTube page where you have stored the video.

Use a GIF

The basic principle behind this particular idea is to upload a GIF of your video and then add a call to action to encourage people to view the full video where it is stored. The steps are:

  • Find

The initial step is to find the URL of the video you wish to present to your customers.

  • Create

After finding the URL of the video, you can create a GIF for the same using a professional video editor like InVideo. Your GIF could be based on the portion you wish to use and based on your need. 

  • Upload

After you have your GIF, you need to upload it in the body of your email.

  • Add

After you have uploaded the GIF in the body of your email, you need to add a Call to Action (CTA) that consists of the link string full video. It could either lead to a Facebook Page, YouTube Page, and even your website.

These two options could be easily followed to embed video in your email with the email marketing software. There are different videos that you can consider adding to your email; some of them are –

Testimonial videos 

Testimonial videos are one of the most effective videos you could add to convince your customers to purchase your product. The satisfactory expression on your customer’s face could help convince other people of the quality of your product and services. Therefore, you could convince other people by showing off your existing consumers.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos use education and dissemination of information to attract various customers. By explaining a particular concept, you could reflect on why your product is essential and purchased by the customer. 

Make sure that the explanation is engaging and the transitions are smooth. Creating and editing top-class videos and opting for a premium video editor can make it a cakewalk for you. 


How-to-videos are pretty effective if you wish to explain how your product works and could be used by the customers in several ways. These how-to-videos convince customers as the product is used in front of them. Therefore, it creates a sense of trust in the consumer’s heart.

Company Culture videos

You can also create and display videos that reflect your company’s work and its values and ethics. These company culture videos appeal to those who are interested in making and behind the scenes videos of a particular product. Also, the values, strengths, and experience of a company could appeal to people with strong value attributes.


These round-up videos make people aware of your company’s presence in the market. You can take up a particular topic, provide insights into it, make videos that are trending, and make sure that your company is the first thing people hear of while they think of a particular area.

Expert Sessions

You can also share the expert’s point of view and talk about your services and product. Listening to what an influential person has to say for a particular product helps in generating a sense of trust in the heart of consumers. It could also involve a link to webinars.

The decision for the type of video depends on your requirement and what you want. Moreover, mentioned below are a few of the tips you must follow while embedding video in your email marketing strategy –

  • There should be consistency in all your videos in terms of colors, design, voice tone, and graphic elements as well. The lack of consistency reflects a lack of professionalism.
  • Even though creating a personalized experience for every user is impossible, try creating videos that everyone could relate to. 
  • Your videos must stick to the emotional feelings of your consumer; even though logic and practicality are appreciated, nothing builds trust like emotions.
  • You can seek second opinions from those out of your organization before actually circulating the entire video as a sort of pilot survey.
  • Subtitles and captions could be added for those who have a little difficulty in understanding the audio and better concentration.

With approximately 66% solid leads through video, many brands are already including email video marketing in their strategy. It’s high time for you as well to level up your game and convert emails into ebills.

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