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Local areas host cleanup efforts for appliances and other odd items

Every year some towns host an event where residents can dispose of large, difficult things like appliances or even tires.

By hosting these events it keeps the larger pieces of what some consider to be garbage off the streets.

Savannah and Williamson in Wayne County and Jerusalem in Yates County, host area wide cleanup days where residents can dispose of these more difficult items.

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Jerusalem hosted their event on June 19 with the help of two dozen Mennonite men, who were permitted to keep anything they felt they might be able to use.

The only items that had a price to dispose of were tires, at $3 a piece.

Items dropped off ranged anywhere from a broken hot tub to pieces of a mansion someone was restoring last year.

The event began at 8:30 a.m. and residents were permitted 3 trips each, with the event ending at 1:30 p.m.

Savannah hosted their event on June 5 at the town barn on Route 89. The event was smaller due to the highway picking items up off the curbside the week before.

Highway Superintendent Jeff Liddle stated that there seemed to be more curbside pick up this year and he did not think it was just from the town of Savannah, so it would probably be that last year they would do it. The service was originally intended for just senior citizens before taking on a life of its own.

D&L Disposal was contracted with the town, taking care of the debris by hauling it off and bringing back empty containers for more.

The odd item this year in Savannah was a three tier set of bleachers. The year before it was a 6-feet-tall cat house.

Williamson began their cleanup days in May after not having them last year due to Covid. Around 900 people came and Williamson Highway Superintendent Kurt Allman made sure they were all Williamson residents.

The odd item for Williamson’s cleanup day was a 22-foot fiberglass boat.

While towns have cleanup days like these, Geneva offers other innovative solutions for disposal of unwanted items.

There is the Town of Geneva Exchange, a website where people can offer or ask for items for free, which is a pilot effort and relatively new, and the town transfer station for garbage. The exchange is not only limited to Geneva residents.

Geneva will also be hosting a mattress recycling effort in August as well as more fix-it clinics for things like broken lamps or other household items.