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City of Canandaigua urges residents to be cautious after bear sightings reported

Brewing Co. to brew a beer in its honor, residents are saying there a sightings of a bear again.

Sightings were reported last week in the area of Bristol Street grove and South Pearl Street, thought city officials have not seen the animal.

While City Manager, John Goodwin, has not seen the animal himself, he still posted an announcement to the city’s Facebook page with safety tips as a precaution.

Goodwin explained that this is a time of year when cubs are pushed from their mother to go off and find their own areas to live.

If a bear comes and stays in the area too long, Goodwin says the DEC will be contacted to move it.

In the meantime residents are urged to leave the bear alone if spotted. They can also do things to help keep bears away, like removing bird feeders because the seed attract bears. They are also attracted to garbage, so residents should keep garbage sealed in a container and in some sort of dwelling if possible, like a shed or garage. Garbage smells can be masked with ammonia soaked rags. Garbage should be taken out for pickup at its scheduled time, not the night before. Meat and bones should not be placed in compost piles. Grease should be removed from grills after every use and can be by turning it to high to burn residual grease off. Finally, do not feed pets outside, any leftover food or an empty dish can attract a bear.