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Excelsior Pass could come with $17M price tag, compared to $2.5M estimate

A new report shows that the Excelsior Pass, New York’s vaccine passport could end up costing $17 million.

The New York Times reports that while the state promised the system would cost $2.5 million- the actual cost will be several times higher.

New Yorkers aren’t required to use it- and some have reported issues with the system. However, some businesses and venues have opted to take advantage of it.

Venues are also simply requiring to see proof of vaccination for their own events.

The state contracted with IBM to develop and run the passport system. The deal began in January and ends in March 2024.

The contract estimates that New York will pay IBM over $12 million in licensing fees.

One caveat with the contract is that there are a multitude of options- which state officials may or may not leverage.