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Independent pharmacy owners rally for fair play against massive chains in New York

Local pharmacies are struggling- even during a global pandemic.

Independent pharmacists rallied outside the State Capitol this week calling for the legislature to pass bills they say will ensure that they are protected moving forward.

Many pharmacies across the state have been forced to close due to the financial ramifications of the pandemic. The focus of the bills is to ensure reimbursement is happening properly.

“All the while neighborhood pharmacies are struggling to survive,” Thomas D’Angelo, president of the Pharmacists Society of the State of New York said. “And it’s because of the greedy corporate middlemen, known as PBMs. They are parasites of the healthcare system.”

Over the last decade, though, the number of independent pharmacies has actually increased by 25%.

At the moment there are approximately 2,000 independent pharmacies, many of which operate in communities that are large enough to attract national brands.

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