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How much do replacement windows cost?

How much do replacement windows cost? People who want to replace windows consider this question the most interesting one. Well, there are many factors that affect the final price. So, let’s try to clarify them.

Top factors that affect the price

The average cost of replacement windows may differ greatly due to the specific characteristics of a product you choose. Some people want to know the price immediately after they have decided to change windows, but it is absolutely impossible. Contacting a company is essential.

Another important thing that will determine the price is the window replacement project. Some sellers indicate in their advertisements a fixed price per square meter of windows. This misleads buyers since the cost depends on the configuration and other parameters of the order. It is possible to determine how much it will cost only after specifying the features of each of the elements.

So, if you want to buy windows, a replacement cost will consist of the following factors.

Double glazing

Double glazing will also affect the cost. A double-glazed unit is a sealed structure made of two or more separated glasses. The chambers are filled with dry air or argon, sometimes krypton. The thermal conductivity of inert gases is lower than that of air, therefore the thermal insulation characteristics are higher. However, such products are more expensive:

  • argon chambers increase by about 30%;
  • krypton chambers can double the price.

It is impossible to determine by eye what the double-glazed unit is filled with. Therefore, it is recommended to order products from trusted companies.


The number of chambers also affects the cost of replacing, as it directly affects the thermal conductivity of the window. A two-chamber product retains heat better than a single-chamber one. In addition, multi-chamber products help not to let all the noise in.

For the manufacture, various types of glass are used:

  • triplex – shock-resistant and safe, do not crumble into fragments if broken;
  • tinted sunscreens – absorbing excess sunlight;
  • energy-saving with metalized sputtering – with increased thermal insulation;
  • smart – changing the degree of transparency depending on the lighting;
  • self-cleaning – do not require external surface care.

Fittings and handles

You will certainly be satisfied with the return on investment if you choose fittings and handles of high quality. Fittings are mechanisms that provide opening and closing of flaps, their attachment to the frame. Fittings must be durable and wear-resistant so that the flaps work properly for a long time, do not creak and sag under their weight. The cheapest handles are made of plastic. More expensive – from aluminum. The most expensive – with decor made of wood and brass.

As you can see, many points must be considered to set the final price. The best solution is to contact professionals who will help you save your time, money, and effort. They will calculate replacement windows cost based on your wishes, requirements, and budget.

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