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Hochul grants clemency to over a dozen people

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Governor Kathy Hochul has granted clemency to 13 individuals, including 11 pardons and two commutations. This decision highlights individuals who have demonstrated remorse, rehabilitation, and a commitment to improving their communities. To date, Governor Hochul has granted 72 clemencies during her tenure.

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Governor Hochul emphasized the careful consideration involved in the clemency process, which includes consultations with various stakeholders. “My Administration has implemented significant reforms to strengthen the clemency process and we are committed to continuing those efforts,” she said.

The Governor’s Office has improved transparency and communication in the clemency process, including regular updates to applicants and an updated online hub for applications. The Clemency Advisory Panel, comprised of impartial experts, advised on these decisions. The pardons will help alleviate challenges related to past convictions, such as immigration and employment obstacles, while the commutations provide earlier parole opportunities for those who have shown significant rehabilitation.

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