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Sheriff: Local senior falls victim to grandparent scam, giving ‘bail money’ to two people in Cayuga County

Sheriff Brian Schenck says his office has been handling a string of grandparent scams, where an individual calls a local senior and poses as a relative.

The most-recent investigation occurred in the town of Mentz where the victims received a phone call from someone claiming to be their grandson.

That individual who claimed to be their grandson, told the seniors that he had been arrested, placed in jail, and needed money for bail.

That person then advised them that there would be an attorney calling to make arrangements for bail.

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Shortly thereafter, the victims received another call from a person claiming to be an attorney- where they were given direction how to pay the bail.

In this instance, two males arrived at the victim’s residence and were provided a substantial sum of money. The victims believed they were providing money for their grandson’s bail.

The next day, a similar phone call was received by a second county resident. However, that individual informed them they were calling police- and no further contact has been made by the perpetrators.

Sheriff Schenck says that if you’re contacted by someone claiming to be a relative who is in trouble- ask them questions that only they could answer to verify their identity. You can also call other family members to confirm the situation.

If in doubt, call 911, Sheriff Schenck adds, who says that there are a multitude of variations to this particular scam. Sometimes, instead of cash- the scammers will request gift cards. He says educating elderly family members, friends, and neighbors is crucial.

If you receive a call like these the Sheriff’s Office is asking that Cayuga County residents call 315-253-3902.