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5 differences between personal and business Facebook page

There are a large number of people who have still not understood the difference between a Facebook business page and a Facebook personal page. Just as the name suggests there are some basic differences, which simply cannot be overlooked when looking into these accounts. A business page will greatly help you expand your brand, but a personal page will not do the same.

If you want to increase user base on Facebook, then you have to understand if you will benefit from a personal facebook account or a business one. We sometimes recommend that you buy Facebook followers, because that can give you the start you need. In this article we have tried to make a demarcation between a Facebook personal account and a business one. 

The basics are pretty simple, if you want to keep up with family and friends, then you need to get a personal Facebook profile. This is the place where you will be able to share personal information like your status, health, or some personal photos. On the other hand, the business account on facebook will be about the businesses and services offered by your company. Further differences are given below:

  • Conversions

A personal facebook page is not going to give you the number of loyal customers that you need. There are a number of features on  a Facebook business page that you will not find on Facebook personal accounts. For instance there is something like a call to action for pages. This was introduced back in 2014, exclusively for business pages, so personal pages don’t have this feature.

This feature will allow administrators to forward business objectives. You can easily access this on the photo section of the page. Here, you will find certain ‘call to actions’ that you can pick for your Facebook  business page. This includes “Shop now”, “Sign up”, “Book Now”, “Play Game”, “Use App”, “Watch Video”, and “Contact Us”. One of these can be incorporated on your page quite easily.

  • Time Management

When you are using a personal facebook page, then you will not have a scheduling tool given on the app itself. For a Facebook personal page you will have to employ tools like Sprout Special, and Hootsuite when you want to manage social updates. However, a business page on Facebook can greatly help you save time, and be efficient within the app itself.

Instead of choosing “Post” when creating an update, you simply need to click on the arrow that appears next to the “post” CTA. This will show a dropdown menu that will give you the option to schedule your post, backdate or even save the draft of the post if you so want. Managers usually find it easier to post directly on Facebook instead of using a third party app. 

  • Profanity Checker

This is another feature that you will only find on the business Facebook page and will be unable to find in a place like personal Facebook. When you go under the settings menu you will find an option that says Page Moderation, as well as Profanity Filter, which are both under the “General tab”. This option will let you block specific words which might be considered offensive from appearing on your page.

This means that you can keep a check on your Fan posts, and comments, without having to personally check every entry. The profanity filter works slightly differently. It comes with a list of words which are already installed in it based on the number of reports that have been made about them. This filter will block them from your page, and keep it clean, and audience worthy.

  • Event Management

Admins can also add certain apps to their pages when using a Business page. However, this is not possible on a personal Facebook page. The event app is very useful for people who are trying to drive traffic into their stores or perhaps an event that they are about to hold online or offline. The event app can be accessed under the apps tab under settings menu. 

Once there, you need to choose “add app” CTA which is next to the event app option. Once you add this to the page, you can create an event by filling an event form. This will include specific details like ticket URL, category, date, location, and event name. These are all options which will be targeted towards the audience. 

  • Facebook Tabs

Another thing available on Facebook business pages, is the Facebook Tabs option. You will use Facebook tabs to clarify more about who you are by using software. Introduce yourself with a screenshot. Put the goods on display. Have a sign-up page for your newsletter. Your company’s past should be highlighted.

Here you will also be able to run contests within your page for the audience. Naturally, this feature is not available in a personal Facebook page, at least under Facebook terms.


Many users are also confused about the distinction between a Facebook business profile and a Facebook personal page on Facebook. There are certain fundamental distinctions, as the name implies, that cannot be ignored when investigating these accounts. A company page will significantly assist you in expanding your business on social media, while a personal page will not.

The fundamentals are straightforward: if you wish to stay in touch with family and friends, you must have a personal Facebook page. This is where you will be able to post personal details such as your current status, fitness, and personal photographs. The corporate account on Facebook, on the other hand, would be for the company’s products and services. To know the differences further make sure you read the article above.

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