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Planning a Finger Lakes Camping Trip: Consider these high-tech camping essentials

New York’s Finger Lakes region is a spectacular vacation destination for visitors of all kinds. While the draw for some may be its world-class museums and wineries, this district is particularly ideal for those who like to spend their time outdoors. The Finger Lakes area offers countless ways to appreciate its stunning natural beauty, from hiking and boating to fishing and horseback riding.

One of the Finger Lakes Region’s most popular activities is camping. With multiple state parks and a plethora of privately-owned campgrounds to choose from, campers can find the perfect spot to enjoy this beautiful destination. For example, at Hickory Hill Family Camping Resort, families can enjoy various amenities, including a swimming pool, mini-golf course, and wagon rides. Those looking for a more traditional camping experience may opt for Blueberry Patch Campgrounda smaller, quieter location with fire pits, picnic tables, and a lovely blueberry patch.

Whatever your camping style, you’ll need the proper tools to make it a successful trip.

Water Purifiers

To avoid falling ill during your camping adventures, pack a water filter to remove the microscopic particles that can cause an upset stomach. Make sure to purchase from a reliable seller like Self Reliance Outfitters. There are numerous options available, ranging in price, size, and style depending on your needs. Bottle filters, squeeze sifters, and chemical purifiers offer packability and a lightweight design for on-the-go ventures. In contrast, gravity and pump filters can come in handy for use at a campsite.

Solar Device Charger

You’re unlikely to encounter many outlets while exploring the great outdoors, so having a device that charges itself via the sun is incredibly useful. Some models cater to small accessories—like cell phones and smartwatches—while others are great for larger tablet-sized equipment.

Camp Stove

While some campers prefer to cook everything over an open flame, others prefer the ease and reliability of camp stoves. Instead of meticulously building a fire for every cup of coffee, turn on your camp stove and have boiling water in a matter of minutes.



Solar Lantern

Solar lights reliable and indispensable tools when spending a night in the great outdoors. A portable solar lantern will charge itself while you’re busy during the day and act as a guiding light after dark. While some novice campers may stay in an electricity-fueled cabin, more advanced outdoor enthusiasts will need a naturally chargeable lantern to navigate rugged terrain at night.

Pressure Shower

Not all campgrounds provide shower facilities, which means a portable clean-up station will come in handy after a long, sweat-filled hike. As you embark on outdoor-related activities, keep your portable shower in direct sunlight to enjoy a nice, hot shower at the end of the day. Additionally, if you’re traveling with furry friends, pressurized shower systems allow for easy clean up after a mud-filled river walk.

Final thoughts

If you choose to venture out into the Finger Lakes region, you’ll be blown away by the various activities and adventures ready for the taking. Sit back and relax with a glass of wine or get up and explore a new hiking trail. The region’s unique history, natural beauty, and countless outdoor activities make it an unforgettable getaway.