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How to do dryer vent cleaning like a pro

Dryer vent cleaning ensures that you have clean dryers that work fast and efficiently. Over time, your dryer can accumulate dirt in the form of lint during performance. This leads to slow performance of your machine, which hikes the power consumption bill.

You can opt for dryer vent cleaning experts such as Dryer Vent Cleaning Today or you can decide to clean your dryer and vent by yourself to prevent it from becoming less efficient. Here is how to clean it like a pro.

  1. Clean Dryer Lint Screen After Every Load

Dryer vent cleaning may seem tedious, especially when you have a large load to clean. However, some materials such as cotton and wool produce lint during cleaning, which attaches itself to the screen of your dryer.

Remove the screen and carefully lint. Since it will be wet, the lint is challenging to remove. Avoid scrubbing or using water; else you destroy the screen.

  1. Clean the Lint Trap and Exterior as Needed

First to start with the dryer duct cleaning process, remove the lint screen. Then, switch your dryer off, including its source of power. Use your dryer cleaning brush or vacuum crevice the interior and the exterior of your machine’s lint trap. Clean it thoroughly as you extend to the moisture sensor strips ensuring you do not leave any dirt behind. Let the parts dry before putting back the lint screen and closing your dryer.

Once you are done with the interior components, use a soft microfiber cloth to work on your machine’s exterior. Do not use corrosive washing agents to avoid damaging the shiny layer. Wipe all the parts clean.

  1. Deep Clean Lint Screen Every 6 Months

We said it is not advisable to use water when cleaning your lint screen after each load. However, after some time, lint and detergent buildups become difficult to remove. But, once every 6 months, you can use hot water to remove the buildup.

  • Remove the lint screen and use hot water to roll off the buildup

  • Use liquid detergent and nylon brush for scrubbing

  • Rinse and dry

Return the lint screen to its proper position after drying.

  1. Clean the Whole Unit as Needed/Required

The key components of a dryer are the drum, duct system, and vent and your dryer vent cleaning process should include all those areas.

  1. The Drum:

Can be use gas or electricity. For both, remove visible debris such as threads and tapes.

  • Dip a soft cloth in a mild dish-washing liquid soap and use warm water to scrub the drum. A non-flammable detergent should be used in a gas dryer.

  • Use a wet sponge or towel for rinsing both drums

  • Tumble clean towels or clothes to dry

  1. Vent and Duct

Purchase a dryer duct cleaning kit and follow this procedure:

  • Locate the exhaust vent of your dryer and the protective plastic cover at the end

  • Turn off the power supply

  • Remove clamps and tapes on the exhaust vent

  • Use your lint brush from the cleaning kit and push as far as you can while scrubbing

  • Collect the lint removed

  • Put the parts back in place

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