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Solar developer tries to squash opposition in Waterloo

Solar remains one of the more controversial developments in rural parts of Upstate New York.

The Packwood-Serven-Pre-Emption Neighborhood Association has applied for inverter funds from the Public Service Commission, which would be used in an effort to oppose the development by Trelina Solar Energy Center LLC.

They have proposed an 80-megawatt solar project at the west end of Waterloo along Packwood and Serven roads.

A public hearing is scheduled via the state siting process for February 9th, 2021. The neighborhood association says they need $40,000 to hire experts to help them review the project. Meanwhile, the Town of Waterloo has requested $80,000 for consultants to represent their interests in the process.

Trelina opposes the funds for the neighborhood group, citing a number of reasons including a previous ruling by the Siting Board to not allow property values to be studied with inverter funds. That’s one argument against the project, and something the association wants to do with the money, according to Trelina. The Finger Lakes Times, who obtained the letter, also noted that Trelina opposes the inverter funds due to the association’s desire to review PILOT and community host agreements with Trelina. They argue that’s beyond the scope of the Article 10 process.

The Siting Board has not responded to the Trelina request to deny the neighborhood association the intervenor funds.