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U.S. holiday retail sales rise 3%, driven by electronics and furniture categories

Holiday bust? Not quite.

Even though there was a pandemic raging in the U.S. overall retail sales rose 3% during the 2020 holiday season.

A report by Mastercard on Saturday indicated that ecommerce sales jumped 49%. The report showed that customers shopping habits turned to digital as in-store shopping was reduced in parts of the country, or fears of making contact with someone COVID positive grew.

Holiday e-commerce sales made up 19.7% of total retail sales this year, according to Mastercard.

Another interesting note from the report was that home furniture and furnishings cateogry jumped 16.2% in 2020. People were spending more time at home, which prompted an increase in spending. Electronics and appliances also jumped 6% this year.

Dining out, travel, and leisure purchases declined in 2020.