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How to find the right background check site

Recruiting new employees is one of the most important decisions for a business because a bad hire can inflict major losses. Running a background check is a good idea before making a final selection. According to UnMask and other reputable background check information sources, these services can be used to verify employment and education history, identity, criminal history, motor vehicle records, the validity of professional licenses, and much more.

Businesses of all sizes have access to a myriad of background check services, each of which has different and unique capabilities. This guide will reveal the most important information surrounding background check sites and how to choose the best one for your needs.

Most Common Screenings

The most common screenings cover felony and misdemeanor criminal record searches of national, state, and county databases, address validation, Social Security number traces, sex offender registry searches, and employment verification. Among the additional and optional background checks available are civil records checks, professional license verification, education verification, motor vehicle record checks, reference checks, credit reports, military records verifications, workers’ compensation history, drug screening, and healthcare information checks.

Most providers apply cloud-based systems, which enable businesses and individuals to make inquiries and see the background check reports generated online. Generally, service providers charge a flat fee per report. The search process takes from one to five days to complete. You can choose between a provider that charges a rate per report, one that offers subscriptions, or one that offers both.

Background Screening Sites: What to Look for

There are several important features to consider to help you decide what the best site for your company is. The price is often decisive for small and medium-sized businesses. You need to take any additional fees into account, so make sure you inquire into these.


Make sure the site generates comprehensive, accurate, and clear reports. Inaccurate data is the worst thing to base an employment decision on.

Compliance and Accreditation

It’s best to choose an FCRA-compliant provider or at least one that works with an FCRA-compliant third party. If the provider doesn’t follow FCRA guidelines, you can’t make a hiring decision based on data they retrieve, at least not legally. Ideally, your background check service should be accredited by the NAPBS.

Available Screenings and Checks

This is an obvious factor to consider. Opt for providers who can run all of the background checks you need, especially if these include motor vehicle records, drug testing, and any other additional searches and screenings.


If your provider offers a bundled plan, customization might not seem like an important feature. It’s useful for companies who need advanced checks like healthcare screening or a unique search.

Customer Service

You can only benefit from a company with strong customer support. Most background check services provide live chat, email, and phone support. Make sure your agency of choice has your preferred support method.


The site needs to be intuitive and easy to use. This is key for making inquiries and viewing results, particularly if you will need to run more than one check.


This can be very important if you’re on a tight deadline. Some agencies list the time of turnaround on their websites.

Industry-Specific Packages

Specific industries, like production and transport, have specific background check needs. While most screeners serve the vast majority of industries, a specific package can help make sure your applicants undergo a thorough and in-depth assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions

You need to ask whether the site offers a discount on volume if there’s a process to dispute inaccurate data, if you’ll be locked into a contract, and whether there is a weekly or monthly minimum of searches you should carry out. Last but not least, we recommend inquiring into the security measures taken to make sure your staff’s data is safe.

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