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Legislature denounces remarks made by elected about public health director in Cayuga County

It’s happened twice this year, but the Cayuga County Legislature has publicly responded to comments made by a legislator from Cato.

Andrew Dennison was ridiculed by the Cayuga County Legislature for “insulting and counter-productive comments across media platforms that denigrate our Public Health Director and other dedicated employees and their tireless efforts to protect public health,” according to reporting by The Auburn Citizen.

As they reported on Thursday, most of the video, which was published on YouTube consisted of Dennison discussing COVID-19 response on a national level. Then though, at one point, he begins talking about his work as a county legislator, and calls Cayuga County Public Health Director Kathleen Cuddy a “bitch.”

“The Cayuga County Legislature wishes to denounce such comments, including those made by Andrew Dennison, a member of this body, as counter to the commitment of this Board to the fight against the ravages of COVID-19 and counter to the respect and support that all members of the Cayuga County workforce have a right to,” the resolution read.

Dennison voted in favor of the resolution, stopping short of issuing a full-apology for it.

Calls for Andrew Dennison to resign grow louder after special legislative session in Cayuga County (video)