SAFETY MOMENT: Eight people die per day due to distracted driving

Editor’s Note: Safety Moment is a monthly feature by Kyle Black from Seneca Meadows.

Eight people will die today due to distracted driving.  – Source CDC

What defines distracted driving?

  • Taking your eyes off the road.
  • Taking your hands off the wheel.
  • Taking your mind off driving.

What behaviors are examples of distracted driving?

  • Texting or emailing
  • Adjusting radio or climate controls
  • Attending to children
  • Eating

Who is most at risk?

  • Young adult and teen drivers

Our children take after the examples we set for them, and being a good example for each other when we are driving is a good way to encourage good driving behavior.  As passengers helping our drivers with radio and climate controls, and speaking up when our driver becomes distracted is a great coaching and correcting strategy.

Finally, we encourage everyone to make a personal commitment and take the pledge at

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