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7 Best Slot Games to Play on Mobile Devices

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Having fun playing slots has never been easier. As technology advances, gambling methods have evolved with it and you can now play from the comfort of your home. Nowadays, all you need to do is your smartphone! However, as options widen it might become more difficult than ever to choose which slot game to play, and choosing wisely can make all the difference between great returns and a lot of fun or heavy losses and a feeling of disappointment. Here are some of the best slot games that can be easily played on mobile devices.

  1. Egyptian Rise

Egyptian Rise has a well-known theme, which can provide a sense of familiarity when first entering the world of mobile slots. Visuals are one of the things that make this game so special, with a perfect combination of ancient Egypt and classic Las Vegas images. Furthermore, going to a website to play this game is completely worth it as it has a Return to Player (RTP) of 97.756 percent, which is pretty amazing! Plus, it has a great free bonus option that seals the deal for players every time.

  1. Finn and the Swirly Spin

This game is perfect for those who like the feeling of being immersed in a story while playing slots. The game centers on a leprechaun and it takes place in a fantasy world. However, it’s not all about flashy colors and displays, as the RTP is quite decent, at 96.62% For those who love fantasy, there is a wide offer of fun adventures in the game, with the appearance of dragons, magic symbols, and stars. What a theme!

  1. Titan’s Wrath

Another game that has incredible visuals is Titan’s Wrath. One of the most exciting things is that it’s a perfect mix of different themes, which go from under the sea adventures to Greek and Egyptian gods. There’s even some Aladdin thrown in there for good measure! There are also bonus options and the game is free to play. That said, it will eventually ask for in-app purchases and the RTP is not the best out there. However, the graphics alone might be worth it for some.

  1. 777 Slots

Back to a more classic slot offer, 777 Slots has everything a savvy player can expect. Bonuses, mini games, and different themes are all included in this game. Plus, just like Cashmania, there are also tournament options, making things even more exciting. This game has become increasingly popular among mobile slots players, and it is one of the last standing games created by this developer.

  1. Casino Joy Slots Myth

This game is free to play and it is considered one of the best out there for good reason. Players start with a generous amount of credit, which makes it quite easy to get started and have fun for a while. It has a wide number of machines, making variety one of its strengths, and there is a nice RTP, making sure players get the best possible outcome when they win. While the graphics are quite basic, it gets the work done and it’s perfect for those interested in a more traditional slots game.

  1. Ceasar’s Slots

Undoubtedly one of the most popular mobile slot games out there, this game provides new players with 40,000 free coins to get started. Pretty amazing! Plus, there are numerous bonuses as well as great prizes, something that’s not offered by every game. This game is a perfect mix of great winning opportunities and great graphics, and it gives players free coins every day. While the game is free, it comes with numerous in-app purchases. It’s up to you to try it and see if it’s what you’re searching for.

  1. Cashmania Slots 2019

This game is considered by many one of the best free mobile slots games of the year. It is comprised of different games, all with Las Vegas themes, and players get the gift of free coins per hour, making it all the more enticing. As if this wasn’t enough, there are even tournaments and quests available, bringing this game to an entirely new dimension. The tournaments are especially cool as you can even play with friends or other players, providing a lot of variety in the world of slots.

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