This manual will help you avoid stupid losses while playing online pokies in Australia for real money

Arguing against online pokies for real money, many skeptics have said it takes so much from gamblers and leaves them with almost nothing. For those who do not understand gambling and real money pokies in Australia, it is a difficult scenario to explain altogether. Wining so much on a slot comes with a higher sense of gratification when you realize that you just won where many people lost their money.

When it comes to slots, a great deal of what happens depends on luck, which is why losses occur naturally. In fact, for any punter, losses make up a good percentage of their play in real online casinos. While some losses are natural and mostly due to chance, punters can avoid some of the other types. Losses that fall in the latter category are those we call, stupid failures. That is, these are losses that occur even when you could have easily avoided them. These stupid losses could take different forms. Losing at online casinos is like the weather; there’s a little you can do to change things. You can’t stop the rains or prevent the snow in June! But then, it would be stupid to go out during winter without wearing something to keep warm.

Similarly, stupid losses occur when you fail to put in place, certain fundamental things that you should put in place. The whole process starts with the casino where you play the games. Picking just any casino and not just the best online casino Australia can lead to losses that you would regret later. As you continue to read, we will examine together some ways you can avoid these stupid losses.

Tips for playing online pokies in Australia

Like you have read earlier, there is a way to play in real money pokies in Australia and avoid losses. The following are tips that would help you reduce your chances of losing. They are divided into Do’s and Don’ts, from today, let these rules guide you as you play real money pokies in Australia.

The Do’s

Play more on pokies with frequent payouts.

The best way to tell the frequency of a slot’s payout is through its jackpot. There’s always a tradeoff between the payout frequency and the size of a pokies’ pot. That means pokies with more massive jackpots would give wins less frequent. So, be on the lookout for games with smaller jackpot prices.

Check the number of pay lines of the poky before you start playing.

The number of pay lines in an online slot tells you how profitable the game would be. Do proper research before you start playing and see to it that the pay lines are in your favour.

Look for pokies that have bonuses.

Online pokies bonus rounds give you better chances for wins. The range of online pokies free bonus available to you include pokies free spins, and sometimes jackpots.

The Don’ts

Playing complex games

A game with complex gameplay in most cases means the developer has put a lot into the game. As a result, the developers would want to make their gains from such games. So, such pokies would have less frequent payouts. To avoid losses, do not play on complex online pokies instant play more online slots with simple gameplay.

Being in a hurry

Online Pokies present you with an opportunity to win some money. With the extra bucks involved, you can become too excited. That way, you play without properly thinking things through. Like any other game, every other game, all of your moves in online pokies should come from a place of careful thought.

Casino House Edge in AU Real Money Pokies

For any punter playing online pokies in Australia for real money, one of the challenges to winning is the house edge. For all games including slots, there is a calculated advantage that the casino has in all their games.

In theory, it’s the percentage of the total payout of a particular slot that goes to the casino. The house edge comes from the developers, and the casino does not assign it. So, you cannot avoid the house edge no matter what.

With the knowledge of the house edge, punters can tell the profitability of slots they intend to play. Pokies having higher house edge percentages would offer less in payouts to players.

The house edge is not to be confused with the RTP of the game. Just like the house edge, the Return-to-Player (RTP) of a slot also gives an idea of how well the game pays gamers. The only difference is, unlike the house edge, it provides a direct percentage of how much a player can expect from a slot theoretically. The two of them that are the house edge and RTP add up to 100%. So, when you subtract one from 100%, you get the other one.

RTP 98.74% | for every $10 wagered = you earn $9.87

Similar to the RTP is volatility which is also called dispersion or variance. It is usually given as a rating between low and high or a score based on a 4- or 5-point rating scale. The rating tells slot players how massive the payouts of a slot is and how frequent these payouts occur. A poky with low volatility would pay less but more often, while high volatility means massive wins occurring less frequently.

The final term that is related to these terms is the payout rate or the payout percentage. Just like the RTP, the word tells you how much a poky pays back to its players as winnings.

With all these said, there has to be a way you can reduce the house edge to maximize your winnings. The following will help you reduce the casino edge, so you do not lose.

  • Play your pokies with the dos and don’ts of slots as you have read above. Experts say the difference between the RTP of pokies and the actual payout for a player is caused by foul play. To increase the RTP and your chances of winning, ensure you play by all the rules.
  • The obvious way of reducing the house edge on pokies is to play on those that have a low house edge. Look out for slots that have High RTP and small house advantage.

Popular Casino Myths Revealed at Real Money Pokies

So, it is possible we missed one of the two trips that you feel should be amongst those above. Probably, you were told to do a few things so that you can win more. Unfortunately, while some of these things do not work, some others might affect your chances of winning.

One of such myths is that online slots have hot runs and cold runs. In fact, this is very far from the truth. The programming of online pokies allows them to run and work on random. So, when you play with them, each game is a fresh start so to speak and has nothing to do with the spin before.

Another bad lie that people peddle around is that bonuses reduce your chances of winning big. That is a lie, and it is very far from the truth. Online pokies work with random number generators (RNGs). The function of the RNGs is to see to it that the slots work at random. So, the spins are basically at random, and almost nothing can affect their outcome—including your sweet bonuses.

Another common one is that the AutoPlay feature results in more wins than the regular spin. This is also not true; your earnings at an online poky has nothing to do with the way you spin the reels. Any differences you notice in the winnings is just due to chance.

Many of these myths are born out of the need for punters to develop strategies to help them win. Out of sentiments and gossip, many have concluded that some of these principles work. Out of luck, they might work sometime, but then in most cases, they do not work. To avoid losing your money, you should know the real facts about online pokies. More importantly, do away with some of these myths as they might reduce your chances of winning.

Types of Online Pokies for Real Money

Slots fall into different categories depending on various criteria. However, there are two most common categories used. These two criteria include

  • The number of reels
  • Jackpots available and their number

Under the number of reels, slots can either have three reels or five reels. The reel refers to the main component of the slot that spins with the symbols. Older games usually have three reels, while newer ones have five reels. Due to the simplicity of the 3-reel pokies, they typically come with a small number of pay lines. That could be between one line at the middle of as many as 3 or 5. The 5-reel slots, on the other hand, could have as many pay lines between 3, 5, 25 or even 40.

The second method of classification is by the presence, type and the number of jackpots offered by the slot. Using jackpots, pokies are of two kinds; progressive and flat top pokies.

For flat top slots, the jackpots do not increase. So, when next you see a game that gives a maximum price of around $1000, you are probably looking at a flat top poky.

On the other hand, progressive slots offer jackpots that do not have a fixed amount. Unlike the flat top type, progressive pokies have jackpots that increase as the player places his bet and plays with these slots, the limit to what a player can win increases as he plays. For instance, Mega Million poky can offer more than 10 million dollars.

Amongst all these, slots with five reels are the most popular types these days. When you see 3-reel online pokies, they are usually classic slots that are used in representing what we used to have in the past.

On the other hand, non-progressive jackpot type of slots is also trendy these days. Their progressive jackpot-type are rarer probably because of the potential cost they bring to the casino owners in the chance that there is a win.

Types of Real Money Slot Features

The following are the types of features that typically come with pokies.


These are special symbols that work alone or with other symbols to create chances for the best casino payouts.

Cascading Wilds

These are variants of wilds. They contribute to winning; however, they move down the reels as you play, allowing for new symbols to appear on the reels. Their movement is called cascading, and it provides for other combinations to occur your chances of winning increases as they go. If you are lucky, they might even trigger the online pokies free bonus as they go. When these wilds reach the end of the line, these wilds will disappear.

Sticky Wilds

These are also variants of the wild symbols. Wilds are said to be sticky when they remain in their position even after they take part in winning. This usually happens during free spins.

Expanding Wilds

Also, a form of the wild symbols, when they appear, they expand and cover the reel or other reels nearby. With this, punters have a more extensive area, meaning the chances of hitting a wild for higher cash out is more. More so, multiple winnings are more likely to occur.

Scatter Symbols

These are special characters like the wilds. They are sometimes also called bonus symbols. That’s because, when you hit a number of them as determined by the game, you activate the pokies free spins.

Ways to win

Like the name, the ways to win describes the number of ways; the slot can offer payouts. These can either be 234 or 1024 ways and in some cases, it could be more. Depending on the game, it could be from left to right, or it could be from right to left.


When a punter activates Autoplay feature, the reels are automatically activated. They would continue to spin for several times as the punter allows. When the spin is done, the results would be shown.


This function allows you to hold some reels while others continue to spin.


With this feature in a slot, punters can move reels up or down to form as they please to create winning combinations. In most cases, the process is manual, and sometimes you might find the feature automatic.

Bonus rounds

Depending on the rules, online pokies bonus rounds come either at random or when a punter hits a combination. However, irrespective of the rules, the idea of the bonus round is to give you more cash or to earn more multipliers in a special mini-game. For most slots, this feature is most admired amongst players because it houses most of the wins in the game.

Free spins

Online pokies free spins round is a unique round where all of the features of the slot including multipliers come to play. Here you can win more cash, bonus rounds, multipliers and even extra free spins.


Like the name, these will increase the value of your earnings per round for some spins. For instance, if you win $4 with a 2x multiplier, you have just won $8.

Best Australian Online Pokies for Real Money

The following are some of the best Australian online pokies for real money that you can play. They offer the best payouts, and they are available as free online pokies with no download required.

Mega Joker (NetEnt): 99%

Jackpot 6000 (NetEnt): 98.86%

Pixies of the Forest (IGT): 98.83%

The Catfather (Pragmatic Play): 98.10%

Lightning Link (Aristocrat): 98%

Blood Suckers (NetEnt): 98%

Kings of Chicago (NetEnt): 97.8%

Big Red (Aristocrat): 97%

Real Money Pokies Australia Bonuses Vs Free Spins

In the past, there was nothing like free pokies. However, with the invention of the internet, online casinos allowed their players to have a sort of taste of their games with what they call free plays or demos. With these demos, punters can enjoy the free pokies no download no registration to play.

The fact that they are free is where their advantage lies. Without paying a dime, players can enjoy the fun of their favourite titles for as long as they want. However, with little risk, comes little or no rewards.

Compared with the real money pokies in Australia, these slots mostly do not pay real cash. Even when they do, it is usually paid as a bonus not as what you earned on the game. Which is to say, the amount of money you can win on the free slots is limited as compared with the real money pokies.

To get the full gambling experience, you need to play on real money pokies. There, asides the regular wins, punters are exposed to a plethora of bonuses that can boost their earnings. Amongst all of them, the welcome bonus is the most popular. Most casinos use this bonus to WOO new players to join their casino. Other online pokies bonus you can win include:

  • Comp Points: in some casinos, you get points whenever you spend $1 or $10. These casinos allow you to accumulate these points so you can exchange them for cash later on. The comp points also determine who qualifies for the VIP plan for most casinos.
  • Free spins: Some casinos give free spin bonuses at times. Depending on casino policy, the free spins may be used on a specific slot, or they can work with any poky in the casino.
  • Online casino real money no deposit bonus: These are special bonus offers that are available to you without having to make deposits. Because there is less risk involved, the rewards are typically smaller, and the terms to win are usually lesser.

Setting Up a New Account in Real Money Online Casino

At this point, you must be itching to own a gambling account that is if you don’t already have one. It would only be unfair if this article leaves out a guide on how you can open one for yourself.

Choosing an Online Casino

First thing you need is to choose the right casino. Picking one these days can be strict, especially with the numbers of casinos that you have on the internet today. But then, to choose the best, you must consider the casino that offers the highest level of convenience in terms of:

  • Payment and Withdrawal Methods: be sure that the casino accepts your preferred method of payment. That could be credit cards, e-wallet options or any others.
  • The currency of the casino matters: not all online casinos accept all currencies. Before you get committed, be sure that the casino takes the currency you wish to play with. If not, be sure that the casino makes provisions for exchange.
  • Bonuses: check to see the type of bonuses offered by the casino. More importantly, check to see that you can meet the wagering requirements for these bonuses.

Background Checks

The second thing that you must do is a background check. During this background check, you must ensure that the casino has some specific things. A failure to have one or two of the following would imply that the casino is a fraud. Important things to check include:

  • The casino must have a license allowing it to operate in your area.
  • Check the terms and conditions to see that the company funds and the funds of customers are kept separately.
  • The maximum payout the casino can give at a time. Search the internet to see the best online casinos that payout the most and as frequently as possible.
  • At the base of the page, there should be stats about the monthly payouts. With that, you can judge the fairness of such casinos.

Sign-up terms and conditions

To register an account with an online casino, the casino will request your personal information. The reason for this is so the casino can keep your account safe and protected from fraud. Furthermore, the casino needs to be sure that you are exactly who you claim to be. That is, you are a resident of the area where you are and that the law allows you to gamble and most importantly, you are old enough to gamble.


To further assure the casino that your claims are correct, the casino would need you to upload some documents to support your claims. This is because a specific law called “Know Your Customer law (KYC) applies to casinos just like with financial institutions.

As a result, you will have to scan or fax an official means of ID, a utility bill and maybe a bank statement.

Before you upload these documents, your account would have been created. However, the account would not have full functionality. The moment you upload these documents, it should take up to three days within which the casino would review your application. They will then make a decision and allow you full access to your new account.

Deposit Methods

After you have completed your registration, the next step is to fund the account. You can proceed to the deposit page and search for your favourite method of payment. Popular deposit methods include the following:

  • E-wallets, e.g. PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, etc
  • Direct bank transfer
  • Cryptocurrency, e.g. Bitcoins and Ethereum
  • Credit/debit card payment and so on

To avoid losing your money, be sure that you enter the accurate details when filling the deposit forms. Also, look out for the best bonuses available and use them to raise the value of your deposits.

Cashing Out in Real Online Casinos

One of the qualities of the best punters in the world is knowing when to stop playing and cash out. Even when you are winning, as a professional, you must know when it is time to stop. This will help you not to lose your money unnecessarily. The best way to do this is to have a budget, and ensure that you do not go above that budget no matter what.

To withdraw your earnings, look through the terms and conditions of the slot. Unlike land-based casinos, online casinos do not allow punters to withdraw their money all the time. Instead, some allow withdrawals on some days while some others give you some withdrawals per month. Most of the time, there is also a limit that applies to the amount you can get from these slots per time.

To make the best use of the withdrawals, plan ahead of time. Keep all of your earnings together and withdraw them when the time is right.

Legal Real Money Pokies in Australia

When it comes to gambling, Australians are amongst the best worldwide. Casino games are famous in Australia, and their popularity spans far back to the 1700s. Historians believe the rich history of gambling in Australia comes for visitors that arrived on the shores of the country in the 1700s. These strangers brought with them many means of entertainment which were later accepted by the locals.

Ever since gamblings has evolved from just being a form of entertainment, it now offers more in terms of socialization, competition and so on. While the industry continues growing through its history, the government has been on its toes for regulation. Many of these regulations, however, were dictated by public perceptions.

Gambling today in Australia is now driven by technological advancements. Unfortunately, these advancements, to some extent, pose a challenge to the tight regulation that the government tries to uphold.

In the past, the laws guiding gambling were a responsibility given to Australian states. However, with the invention and adoption of innovations in the gambling space, the commonwealth is starting to take an interest. More so, the constitution allows them to act in such capacities.

Online casinos mainly raise the most concerns bordering around revenue collection, welfare and regulation. For that reason, the federal government has passed a law that stops internet gambling sites from allowing Australians on their websites. Even at that, gambling is still very legal in Australia.

In between 2017 and 2018, the industry was said to be worth 24.887 billion dollars. On average, Australians spend about 1017 dollars on gambling per year in this period. These figures show a 5% increase in what it used to be from the previous year.

Looking forward, we know the industry is growing, and it’s on its way to being the largest in the world.