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SUNY Oneonta forced to shut down for two weeks after spike of coronavirus cases

On Sunday, SUNY Chancelolor Jim Malatras announced that SUNY Oneonta will shut down for two weeks after a spike in COVID-19, or Novel Coronavirus cases.

About 3% of its faculty and student population, or 105 individuals have tested positive.

Testing began after reports of several large parties around the school. Altogether roughly 3,000 students were tested for the virus.

Malatras said the campus will be closed for in-person instruction until further notice. After two weeks officials will discuss what the next step is.

“Many of the students, of course, live off campus,” Malatras said on a conference call. “There’s a lot of interaction in the community. There’s a private college nearby so we want to manage any potential spread and address it immediately.”

“If there is an outbreak on a college, it’s a concern for the college but it’s also a concern for that local community and for the state,” Governor Andrew Cuomo said speaking about the risk colleges bring ot the table as they return to school.