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Trendy Party Outfit Ideas for 2020

As the new decade rolls in, 2020 is the time to party and let loose! With all the upcoming holidays, celebrations, and festivities, it is time to put your party dress on and have a hell of a time! From beach parties and pool parties to black-tie Saturday, there is a dress code for every gathering! Going to a party is not just about the company and turning up, it is about dressing to impress and drawing the eyes of everyone around you; especially if you’re a fan of the London night life. Regardless of whether you are married, in a relationship or single, every woman (or
man) loves a bit of attention when it comes to expressing your true personality through the clothes that you wear. So, if you love to switch it up every now and then, read on for some tips on how to dress for every type of themed party!

House Party

House parties are usually held indoors, so you can expect games like beer pong, board games, card games, and a whole lot of other activities! Think highschool weekend parties where most of the people are just either wasted or high. Most of these house parties are typically very casual and hence not many are likely to turn up in a ball gown or a tuxedo. The main aim is to dress
comfortably so that you won’t be picking at your clothes every five minutes. A tip is to avoid mini dresses or short skirts that could hinder your movements when you are seated on the floor, or a tight bodycon dress that could make you extremely self-conscious when you down two slices of pizza and a can of beer. The go-to outfit is typically a pair of comfy jeans and a simple t-shirt. If you want to glam it up a little, you can throw on a cute crop top and add some light make up to give your overall look a pop of personality. As for the guys, a plain t-shirt with a pair of trousers or jeans will do the trick. There isn’t a particular dress code for this one so you can throw on pretty much anything you like!

Birthday Party

Birthday parties are usually a little more formal as compared to house parties. However, they are the easiest kind of parties to dress up for! You can put on a floral mini dress if you prefer a no-brainer outfit, or if you are feeling a little fancier, you can pair a sleeveless top with a pair of culottes to go for a chic kind of vibe. If you are a jeans kinda gal, some ripped jeans will go nicely with a tube top, or maybe a t-shirt with a leather jacket. The possibilities are endless when you dress up for birthday parties so avoid overthinking it and just dress up according to your mood that day. For men, you can put on a dress shirt and some Bermudas or change it up to a pair of jeans if you like. Regardless of how you dress, a pro tip is to not dress too fancy such that you take away the spotlight from the birthday girl or boy.

Cocktail Party

Unless cocktail parties follow a casual dress code, most of them require you to dress up if you don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb. Cocktail parties are fancier, and give off a more elegant vibe, encouraging you to put on your favorites heels, slap on some eye shadow and whip out your dangly earrings. A dress is definitely a go-to if you ever attend a cocktail party, but be sure to avoid casual dresses like shirt dresses or a baby doll dress. Instead, this is the time to put on one of your maxi dresses that has been in your wardrobe for way too long. A-line dresses are indeed in trend this year, so that is something you may want to gravitate towards. The bottom line is to dress fancy and wear something that shows off your figure and complements your body type. If you do not feel like sucking your stomach in for the rest of the night, you can either wear a flowy dress that does not hug your curves, or opt for palazzo pants, trousers, and bodysuits. For men, a classic three-piece suit will do the trick, but make sure it is altered to fit you so that you look hella sleek!

Pool Party

Pool parties are always a hell lot of fun, especially for the ladies who do know how to swim and are not afraid of water. A classic go-to outfit will be a bikini to show off your toned body and flat stomach. You can also throw on a loose-fitting top to cover up a little bit if you are not fully comfortable with showing off your body just yet. Women should avoid over-revealing one-piece swimsuits or thongs which could send off a negative message to other party-goers. Males have it easier as they can always go topless or maybe pair a tank top with a pair of cotton shorts. However, if the pool is off-limits, you can opt for a bohemian-inspired outfit: think crop tasseled tops with a flowy maxi skirt, a floral one-piece, or an off-shoulder top with denim shorts. Males can finally have their Hawaiian shirt with a pair of denim Bermudas to finish off the laidback and chill look. The point is to wear something that is not too covered up yet not too revealing at the same time; as it can get a little hot and humid.

Dinner Party

Dinner parties are usually somewhere in-between house parties and cocktail parties — a little formal but not too formal at the same time. A go-to outfit for females is sequined dresses that are not too out there, but enough as a statement head-turner piece. Light and pastel colors are usually preferred, as dinner parties usually don’t get too loud and noisy as compared to house parties. For males, dress shirts are highly appropriate with a pair of long trousers or pants, to keep things casual and not too formal. Cotton material clothing is highly recommended as they are thin and will not cause you to perspire notoriously.


Though the list is not exhaustive, these are some of the more common types of parties that every party person would have attended at least once. Regardless of the occasion, the most important thing is to dress comfortably and confidently and avoid wearing pieces that make you self-conscious, hindering you from being fully yourself. Women can also add jewelry to dress up their outfits as well, according to your own style and preference. Dressing up properly not only makes you feel empowered and confident, but it also sends out a positive message of how dedicated you are to present yourself well.

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