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MRB named part of statewide group to lead economic recovery efforts with Empire State Development

MRB Group will play a major role in economic recovery across New York State, after being named to work as part of a team led by the Center for Governmental Research.

President Ryan Colvin, PE, said his firm had been selected as part of a group that will advise Empire State Development Corporation on New York’s strategy to reboot the economy in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.

CGR will lead a team that includes MRB Group, the Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress and Karp Strategies. Among the tasks assigned are to provide the ESDC with options regarding policy initiatives that Governor Cuomo can institute to expedite the resumption of economic activities that have been sidelined by COVID-19, without compromising public health.

“I am extremely proud of our team for their ability to contribute to the State’s continued response to COVID-19,” Colvin said. “This effort demonstrates the initiative to utilize tools and expertise in order to fast-track economic recovery. I couldn’t be more pleased to see this proactive approach in place, and that MRB Group will play a role in the strategic planning to support New York’s economic resilience.”

MRB Group team members will be assisting the project team with analysis of best practices from other crises, emerging trends across the country and world on innovative responses, and input from stakeholders across the state. Leading MRB Group’s team will be Michael N’dolo, a recognized national economic development expert whose guidance will focus on research, data analysis and policy advisement. Other MRB Group contributors include Alyson Slack, a senior researcher specializing in tech-led economic development, and Connor Hartnett, a data analyst and researcher. If needed, other MRB Group professionals may be added, whose regional and specialized expertise would support the analysis.

“We will bring cutting-edge data and our team’s collective brainpower and experience to this important effort, in the service to New York State’s citizens,” Colvin added.

MRB Group is an engineering, architecture and planning firm that specializes in governmental services, working closely with villages, towns, cities, and county-level local governments, making the team’s contributions to state policy considerations especially valuable. Combined with the firm’s national-level expertise in economic development, MRB Group’s planners are capable of offering innovative strategies and thought leadership, with a balanced perspective on impacts of proposed policy on communities and local economies.

Currently serving more than 150 communities across the State of New York and in Texas, MRB Group is a partner to local governments in strategic planning and ensuring optimal delivery of critical services, including water systems, wastewater systems, infrastructure, facilities, and day-to-day operations, along with initiatives that support community development.