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Best Sympathy Gifts for Women

A sympathy gift provides a better method to convey condolence messages than verbal communication. While giving hugs and a shoulder to cry on seems like a perfect way of expressing sympathy to women, gifts are better placed. However, before purchasing any sympathy gift it is good to understand the loss of the receipt to determine the significance of your gift to them.  Below are some of the best sympathy gift ideas for women.

A photo album

Although the digital error has transformed the storage of photos for future reference, keeping an album still has its space in the current era. Women often need to have as many pictures as they can. If they are mourning the death of a loved one, purchasing a photo album as a sympathy gift could be a great idea. With this kind of gift, they may find comfort when they go through the pictures of the times they spent with the deceased. The album cover can be customized with a condolence message.

Inspirational bracelet

A bracelet with engraved phrase or mantra is an amazing gift for a person dealing with the loss of a loved one. The phrase or mantra can be personalized with words that the deceased used a lot. Such a gift can encourage someone during the time of pain. It can also act as a reminder for the loved one to live in people’s memories.

Personalized blanket

Often referred to as healing thoughts blanket, it is useful for sad times and not necessarily during bereavement. It is a great gift when you want to remind people that they are loved, remembered and cherished. The blanket can be customized with the recipient’s name and specific message that only reminds them of their value to the sender. Besides it being a source of warmth and comfort, it is a great way to inspire calm and peace.

Photo Pendant

A heart-shaped Photo Pendant with engraved wordings is a perfect gift for a woman who lost a loved one. The pendant can also be personalized by having a laser-engraved photo of the lost person inside. This way, whenever they open the pendant, they will be reminded of the lost one. Photo pendant is an amazing sympathy gift that has the power of turning a photograph to a life-time memory and help keep friends’ memories closer to our hearts.

Memory jar

A memory jar comes with several blank tickets and a pen where people can write their favorite memories with a deceased person. This is one way you can give a mourning friend more memories with their loved ones. The jar can be placed during a funeral so that friends can write their memories with the deceased and then live it to you. The memory jar offers a great way to keep a life-time memory of a loved one through short notes. Whenever you miss the person, the notes in the jar can always serve as a reminder about their character and memories they shared with you and their friends.

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