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Victor CSD holds first board of education meeting since bus incident

District officials said the driver of a Victor Central School District bus followed protocols, and did not let students inside the bus off for about 15 minutes because the driver couldn’t get the students to behave.

The statement described the incident as ‘unfortunate and unacceptable’.

On Thursday, the Victor Board of Education met for the first time since the incident on Tuesday.

President Deborah Palumbo-Sanders addressed the incident with a brief statement:

“With regard to the bus incident on February 11th, the district is reviewing all protocols with the transportation staff. For the past two days, administration has ridden the bus, including the new superintendent.”

The driver was waiting to hear back from supervisors before letting the students off the bus. As that was unfolding, concerned and outraged parents were protesting outside – recording video and audio from the scene.

The students could be heard crying from the bus.

The District’s new superintendent Timothy Terranova weighed in at his first meeting.

“These things happen sometimes, where you have some hiccups, and you want to make sure you’re visible, you want to make sure you’re listening to people, and you definitely want to make sure you’re around and can support people who need it,” he said.

“Sometimes kids behave in challenging ways and we just need to deal with them appropriately and make sure we continue to make sure we do what’s best for kids,” he added to