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Cuomo looks to end STAR benefit for delinquent taxpayers

Governor Andrew Cuomo has found a new way to save potential tax dollars in 2020.

As part of his plan for fiscal 2021, Cuomo is looking to end STAR benefits for homeowners who don’t pay their school property taxes.

The flaw was exposed last week when a top tax official told the Assembly Committee on Real Property Taxation that the department does not have the authority to stop checks from being sent to homeowners, even if they owe taxes, which was reported by News10NBC.

“These benefits are meant to help responsible taxpayers pay their school tax bill, and if someone is not paying their fair share, they should not be entitled to STAR – period,” Cuomo said. “By closing this loophole, New York will crackdown on bad actors and help ensure these benefits go toward the hardworking taxpayers who deserve them.”

“Only those homeowners who pay their property tax bills should receive the STAR benefit,” Commissioner of Taxation and Finance Michael Schmidt added.

The benefit would be restored once the property taxes are paid, and up-to-date.

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