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How to create an Instagram career

Instagram influencer career … It sounds tempting. However, did you know that those people who are now considered influential in their niche have not become famous and trustworthy by the wave of a magic wand? In fact, they did a titanic job, and in this article, we will tell you what you need to do to begin this journey.

Start From Choosing a Niche

And here we have two news for you – as usual, good and bad. The bad thing is that if you are not Beyoncé or Cristiano Ronaldo, then you cannot influence outside your niche. The good news is that it’s real enough to become an influencer in a certain industry, turn it into a full-time career and make money on it. Therefore, this is completely logical – you need to choose a niche that causes your sincere interest, within which you already have certain knowledge and begin to develop in this industry, positioning yourself as an expert.

Switch to the Business Account

Since we are talking about a career, and not about a personal profile or entertainment, then you definitely need a business account. It is very simple to switch to it, and in return, you will get additional opportunities for development and advancement. In addition, business accounts subconsciously generate more trust and indicate the seriousness of your intentions.

Write an Attractive Bio

One of the advantages of a business account is the ability to write your extended bio. It is possible to find many tips on the Internet on how to do this in the most attractive way, and we will give the most basic of them.

  • Write down who you are and what problem you are solving.
  • If you already have achievements, for example, a certain number of successful stories, indicate this in the next line.
  • Further, you can indicate why subscribers should pay attention to you, and why brands should work with you.
  • Next, indicate your site and contact details for cooperation.

Create Compelling Content

Yes, there is always the temptation to use something like an article spinner, but if you want to develop your career on Instagram, then this method will not work for you. In your case, the quality of the content is above all else, otherwise, the brands simply will not trust you to create content with the recommendations of their products or services.

Therefore, remember this advice – your Instagram career is impossible if you do not deliver valuable content to your subscribers. As we have already said, your task is to position yourself as an expert in a certain industry, as a person whose opinion has weight, and it is possible to achieve this only through articles and posts that carry real informational and semantic value.

Engage Your Audience and Multiply the Number of Subscribers

Brands will be interested in your profile only if you have a live audience that will easily interact with you. Otherwise, your recommendations lose their meaning. Therefore, make sure that your audience is constantly involved in your posts and stories, regularly create contests, one of the conditions of which will be to tag a friend and increase the number of subscribers in an organic way.

Mention Brands You Are Willing to Work With

Do not wait until brand representatives start writing to you – take the initiative yourself. To do this, you need to create content that will somehow resonate with the values, missions, products or services of certain brands and mention them in your posts. The easiest way is a hashtag. Yes, here you can object that there are no guarantees that the PR manager will notice you, but be sure that with a sufficient number of subscribers that can be obtained only through valuable content, your chances will increase.

Partner with Agencies

If you really don’t want to wait until brands notice you, go to those who have direct connections. In other words, start a collaboration with influencer marketing agencies. Yes, in this case, you will have to share your earnings, but this is a great way to get the first experience of cooperation and launch word of mouth. Moreover, this does not require investment on your part.

Say No to Dumping

As you probably already know, an influencer’s recommendation on Twitter costs the least – $ 2 for 1,000 subscribers. In other social networks, the bet starts at $ 10 and can reach unthinkable numbers, such as in the case of Cristiano Ronaldo, whom we have already mentioned.

However, starting and developing your career on Instagram, we recommend that you refrain from dumping and keep the price for cooperation with you at the market level. All the same, brands will choose influencers for partnership based on the number of subscribers, the specifics of the target audience, its involvement, and only then will they look at the price. Therefore, your task is to prove that you deserve to be a brand partner with your work, expertise, quality of content and communication with the audience, but not at a low price.


Instagram Influencer’s path is complicated and thorny. However, this is perhaps the best career opportunity – to be sought after in your niche, receive recognition from subscribers and help them solve their problems by advising certain products or services.

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