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Kim Leonard named supervisor in Macedon

The Town of Macedon held it’s reorganizational meeting on Thursday, January 2nd, and named a new town supervisor.

The meeting started with a lengthy statement from Town Board Member Dave Maul about the loss of his friend, and the man who Macedon voters chose to lead them over the next four years, Paul Kenyon.

Kenyon passed away in December after a battle with cancer. The Board was then tasked with filling the vacancy.

“Today was supposed to be the beginning of his crowning achievement — a term as Supervisor. A goal that I don’t think he long-ago set out to do — but one which he lately felt he was called to, in furtherance of service,” Maul said, as reported by the Times of Wayne County. “If you trace Paul’s history back, you’ll find that service to others — his country, his faith community, his students, his professional colleagues, his constituents, and above all, his family — is a recurring theme.”

He said that while Kenyon was denied the opportunity to work further on Town issues directly – his legacy will help the new board shape future policy. “Rest assured, Paul, you succeeded in leaving the Town better than you found it,” Maul added.

Board Member Kim Leonard, who was recently elected in November, was unanimously appointed to the vacant post – leading the Town of Macedon through December 31, 2020.

The Board will next consider the vacancy created by Leonard taking on the role of Town Supervisor.

Retiring Town Supervisor Sandy Pagano reflected on the moment recalling the challenge to unify Macedon after village dissolution. “Four years ago the town board asked me to run for Town Supervisor and the residents solidified that during my election. I was honored to serve. My fear upon the untimely death of Mr. Kenyon was that the Town wouldn’t have continuity for the residents, staff and county,” she said. “I can honestly say I am pleased with the fantastic selection of Kim Leonard as Macedon Town Supervisor. I can leave rest assured the town is in great hands. I want to thank the town staff for their support, for they are the backbone of this town.”

Leonard thanked the Board for supporting her appointment. “A sincere thank you to my fellow board members for asking me to serve as your Macedon Town Supervisor for the New Year 2020. It is such an honor, and I know Paul Kenyon will be watching over me. I look forward to serving our community,” she said. “Let’s make 2020 a great year.”

Credit: Times of Wayne County

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