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Cayuga County Legislature names McNabb-Coleman leader for 2020

As the Cayuga County Legislature held its organizational meeting – change was in the air.

With an outgoing chair in Tucker Whitman, a Democrat, who had no intention of taking another term – Aileen McNabb-Coleman, another Democrat, won full-support from her party for the upcoming chair term.

Benjamin Vitale, a Democrat who represents Montezuma, was elected vice chair, also unanimously among his fellow Democrats.

Republicans voted against both candidates, but due to weighted voting – it didn’t have an impact on the outcome.

The Legislature is closely split between both parties with weighted votes counted. This means it will likely be a year filled with close votes. That said, McNabb-Coleman says there is a vision and path forward for Cayuga County.

She expects better instruction to come at the Legislature’s committee sessions later this month.

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