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New amenities, features at Bristol Mountain this year

Bristol Mountain is open for this winter season — every year more features are added that won’t disappoint.

A new state of the art judge’s building sits right over Mikey’s Jump in the High Point Terrain Park.

It will give a supreme vantage point for the judges and press at the jump site for the 2020-2021 U.S. Aerials Freestyle Championships.

Vice President Steven Fuller said there are only three permanent aerial sites in the country — and now Bristol is one of them.

“For skiers and alpine skiers and so forth, to be able to ski down the run and ski next to theses athletics that are jumping 50 feet in the air, and also ride the same lift as them as they go up the mountain is a very unique scenario,” said Fuller.

“We are very fortunate here at Bristol to actually have a trail that was located near the base of the area that fit pretty well the profile that the U.S. ski team and national teams are looking for when they host competitions and trainings.”

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