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Cayuga Health offers ‘most advanced’ robotic surgical system

Cayuga Medical Center (CMC) is excited to announce the addition of da Vinci® Xi, the latest, most advanced, robotics surgical system to its growing portfolio of patient offerings. The fourth generation da Vinci Xi Surgical System is designed to enhance surgeon capabilities and advance Minimally Invasive Procedures.

The da Vinci Xi was developed by Intuitive, a global technology leader in minimally invasive care and the pioneer of robotic-assisted surgery.

“We are extremely pleased to offer our patients the latest technology and advantages of robotic surgery,” states Dr. Martin Stallone, Chief Executive Officer of Cayuga Medical Center and Cayuga Health. “For many patients, robotic surgery is a better, safer option than open surgery, as studies have found that patients experience shorter hospital stays, less blood loss, fewer complications, less need for narcotic pain medicine and a faster recovery.”

The da Vinci Xi offers advanced instrumentation, vision and features such as integrated table motion. It is versatile and flexible, with setup automation and guidance that promotes OR efficiency. It provides multi-quadrant access and is used for a variety of complex procedures.

This fourth generation da Vinci® Surgical System continues to advance Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) across a wide spectrum of surgical procedures and provides performance that counts.

“Surgeons specifically trained on the da Vinci Xi at Cayuga Medical Center will be able to perform numerous kinds of abdominal, gynecological, and urological operations. Specifically, surgeons can offer robotic-assisted hernia repair, complex abdominal wall reconstruction, anti-reflux surgery, gallbladder surgery, surgery of the small and large intestine, weight-loss surgery, prostate surgery, kidney surgery, and surgery of the ovaries and uterus,” states Dr. Gregory Ripich.  “The da Vinci Xi robotic system acts as an extension of the surgeon’s eyes and hands, giving us a 3-D magnified vision and 360° dexterity of four arms, which allows for more effective, precise surgical movements. The surgeon is 100% in control of the robot, which translates his/her hand movements into smaller, more precise movements of tiny instruments inside the patient’s body. The immersive 3D-HD vision system provides surgeons a highly magnified view, virtually extending their eyes and hands into the patient.”

“We are very fortunate to be able to offer both the new da Vinci Xi surgical system and Dr. Ripich, who performed da Vinci surgery for a number of years in Syracuse prior to joining the CMC team. We can now provide robot-assisted surgical care to patients in our community who would have otherwise traveled to a hospital out of the area, thereby improving access, reducing costs, and providing a high-quality patient experience,” Stallone added. “It is vital that we provide each patient with as many treatment options as possible, to make sure they receive care tailored to their specific needs.”

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