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Steuben man loses home, dog to devastating fire

An East Campbell man is speaking out after a fire destroyed his home on Wednesday night.

Twenty-one year old James Scott, is a volunteer firefighter for East Campbell. He says this was the first time he bought his own home all by himself, and had been living in it for just less than a year. Now everything he once owned is gone.

“You think that its like a dream, it’s just a really bad dream and you’re going to wake up, and everything is going to be OK. You know that’s not the case, but you’re just hoping that its a dream,” says James Scott.

However, this is far from a dream for James Scott. James says he came home around 11:30 Wednesday night after being at a friends house, to find his own home up in flames.

“My heart sunk, and I was like, oh my god. My house is burning, I need to get my dogs out,” says James.

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