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How Finger Lake Residents Can Prepare For The Winter

There is no denying that living in Finger Lake provides a lot of amazing sites and opportunities that one wouldn’t get elsewhere in the world. You combine this with the culture, friendly locals, unique boroughs, and great eats and it is more than easy to see why the locals call New York the greatest city on earth. Of course, this is not to say that living in the area doesn’t come without its own set of challenges. This is especially true during the winter seasons. The area alone gets an average of almost 70 inches of snow per year, accumulating as much as eight inches during any given storm. Given this much snow, you can probably assume that it is essential to take the time to make a few preparations, but what should those preparations be? How can one prepare for an upcoming winter in Finger Lakes?

Condition The Home For Cooler Temperatures

What is your first reaction when the weather stops dropping? If you are like most Finger Lake residents, you would probably say run to the thermostat and crank it up. Sure, this will heat the home, but it might not be your very best option, especially financially. It might be more advisable to take a different approach. This different approach might not only potentially save you a bundle of money, but it can help your body acclimate to the cooler temps. Keeping the thermostat set a bit lower will get your body adjusted to the cool weather that is ahead.

Another excellent tip is to condition the home so that it holds more heat. You can do this by plastic wrapping the windows. However, you want to go about this in a manner as to where you can prevent heat from escaping the home, while still giving yourself access to the shades and blinds. Being able to open the shades and blinds and let the natural sunlight in during the warmer parts of the day will help provide the home with natural light and heat during these trying winter months.

Keep Yourself Occupied

New York is pretty good about getting the ball back rolling once a storm hits. In fact, it doesn’t take but just a few hours and the city will be back moving. The snow plowers will have the roads clear and people will be on their way to work as usual. This is not to say that there won’t be downtimes. There are going to be times when you find yourself locked in your home trying to steer clear of the cold weather. Heck, there might even be times when it is just too cold to be outside. If you aren’t careful, you will drive yourself crazy trying to find things to do. This is exactly why you should consider taking advantage of sites On these sites, you can play some of the oldest classic casino games for real-life cash.

Get Your Roof In Check

With an average of 70 inches a year and as much as eight inches in a single storm, it is more than easy to say that Finger Lake gets a lot of snow. Most people don’t just really realize how detrimental this snow can be to your home, especially the roof. Snow is heavy and went it thaws it can produce large amounts of water. All that extra weight sitting on a weak part of the roof won’t do you any favors. Just imagine what 8 inches of melted snow could do to an already leaky roof. To say the least, a heavy snowfall could turn an already decrepit roof into a total home disaster. Plus, you do not want to have to climb on the roof and make repairs in near-freezing temps. Make sure you get your roof in check for the cooler months hit.

Stock Up On Outdoor Hardware

You probably wouldn’t go into a winter storm without the essentials like a generator, candles, food, water, and the other essentials. Well, you should always make sure you have the outdoor hardware essential as well. These items will without a doubt come in more than handy in a number of situations. Rakes, shovels, snowblowers, sidewalk salt, and other winter cleanup items will be essential to preparing your home for the upcoming winter months.

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