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Armed robbery under investigation in Horseheads

Police are investigating reports of an armed robbery in the Village of Horseheads.

According to police, officers responded to the Village Plaza on Westinghouse Road around 2:00 a.m. July 4th

Police say the suspect approached an employee at a fireworks tent located in the plaza, displayed a handgun and demanded cash. He then hit the employee and ran north on Westinghouse Road.

“He told me to give him all my money,” said robbery victim, Lewis Yost. “I told him I didn’t have any. He just kept going on, give me the money. Eventually he struck me with his weapon. Pistol wiped me. Then, after he had me basically searching my vehicle, told me he wanted my phone. I told him he couldn’t have it. Then he hit me again. Left all kinds of bruising and swelling and soft tissue damage.”

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