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Phillies had lost 7 straight games before beating Mets Monday night

Gabe Kapler on Monday afternoon seemed to acknowledge a serious flaw in the Phillies’ offensive approach the past two seasons.

A few hours later he might have seen the early returns in their efforts to change it. The Phillies jumped on fastballs in a 13-7 victory over the Mets at Citizens Bank Park, snapping the Phillies’ season-high seven-game losing streak.

“One thing that we’re implementing now is a very simple approach of staying on the fastball, hitting the fastball,” Kapler said before the game. “We know that hanging breaking balls, you don’t have to sit on, you don’t have to look for them or try to hit them, they sit up there, they spin. You can be on the fastball and blister a breaking ball. If you talk to our players or any players for that matter, they’ll tell you the same.”