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Facilitator proposed for Ontario post-landfill closure plan

Ten years may seem like plenty of time to plan for the closure of the Ontario County Landfill, but few would disagree that time flies — and Carla Jordan and others are advocating for a “sense of urgency” to start the planning process now.

Jordan is the county’s new Director of the new Department of Sustainability & Solid Waste Management. Previously, she worked as an engineer for Casella Waste Systems, the company that operates the landfill for the county.

In a memo to the county Board of Supervisors and county administrator Mary Krause, Jordan explained why there is a need to act now.

“It is an important and critical time for the county and our communities,” she said. “A focused effort is needed to move our vision past the pending expiration of the landfill lease agreement in 2028. This timing affords us a 10-year planning window to create a comprehensive schedule for waste management and sustainable initiatives within the county.”

Jordan said the strategic plan required to guide the process should utilize the 10 years remaining before the expiration of the landfill lease to:

• Assess the needs of the community.

• Create programs and or infrastructure.

• Educate residents.

• Seek to change behavior in order to move the collective focus toward waste reduction, recycling and reuse opportunities.

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