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How to teach kids of responsibility and independence

There comes a phase in a child’s life when he or she shows some traits of being independent. The kids will refuse your attempts to help them get around or get stuff done. However, some will have to be trained. As your children grow, independence becomes a mandatory art.

When they get to high school and college, they will need to make independent decisions and take risks. The teenager should do the assignments without supervision. If they are not able to work on their schoolwork, they should make critical decisions to ensure the work is submitted. You can choose to pay for essay reviews as they can help them make the right choice. But they need to ensure that the Edusson Reviews are genuine because there are a lot of different fake essay reviews out there. Such an act shows responsibility as no one wants to fail because they delivered an essay paper late.

Importance of kid’s independence

When children start going to school, they will be expected to take control of their learning and belongings while at the institution. Independent children have:

  • high self-esteem
  • willpower
  • motivation

A guide on how to nurture a child’s independence

Identify opportunities

Make a list of what your little ones can do for themselves. You can also ask them which tasks they are comfortable doing on their own. If he/she picks on bigger responsibilities, give them a chance to try it. Ensure the job is not overwhelming to the child.

Save some time

If it takes your youngster ten minutes to get dressed, wake up ten minutes earlier. She will be able to comb her hair nicely without being supervised by an anxious mom. Who said training a child on how to be more independent would be easy?

Instill independence and responsibility through routine

When a child does something over and over again, it becomes part of them. In the morning, train them to wash their face and brush their teeth when they wake up. With time, they will become independent, and you will not have to remind them.

Let the youngsters learn through their mistakes

Greater lessons are those learned through our mistakes. Let your child make a mistake and learn from it so that next time he/she make better decisions. When they get to high school and college, they will be more equipped in dealing with more complex issues.

Guide your kids on how to be more independent

Instead of telling your son or daughter what to do when faced with a situation, ask open-ended questions to help them figure out what’s best for them. If they make a wrong decision, coach them instead of telling them what to do. This way, they become independent children who can make decisions on their own.

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Encourage independence

When your child starts developing independence, it is your duty as a parent to support them. Let them do their things and resist the urge to step in. Children are motivated by their small accomplishments. At this point, you should boycott perfection. Show them how to do it without criticizing their small efforts.

Show your faith in them

When your kids struggle to do something, motivate them and tell them they can do it. Train them never to stop until a task is accomplished. Praise them even when they button their shirts incorrectly. He will discover the error sooner or later.


Parenting is all about raising responsible and independent children. It is not your job to protect them from the cruelty of the world, but to equip them with knowledge and skills to deal with all adversities that may come their way. The timing for training responsibilities is also important. If the child is adjusting to change, stressed or sick, it’s not time to train him/her how to be more independent.

As an adult, are you independent of parental support? Do you still call your mom to ask them whether to pay for essay reviews services for your thesis paper? If yes, something went wrong somewhere. Do not make the same mistake when raising your baby. Lay a good foundation for your child to be a self-reliant person.

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